Yes, I’m shrewd. Get over it.

Sure, I’m an opportunist and I WILL take anything that comes my way by its horn. Sometimes I have absolutely zero, I mean ZERO patience to wait for the perfect moment, so I create opportunities for myself. I just don’t give a damn what people may think.

I write because I wanted to. Not because countless people have told me I have talent in writing. Could I be a journalist? FUCK NO! I don’t want the ability to cause paranoia in society by reporting some outrageous claim on wars, politics, and economy to name a few. Besides, those topics bores me to death. I would rather write for the sake of it, in topics ranging from deaf point of view, opinions, and travels to name a few. It’s true, many people comment that I do have talent. I’m not going to waste that talent as people put it, to do nothing with my life. Hell, I think writing may end up being one of my sources of income. Who knows?

At first glance, I may be a sarcastic shrewd person who takes advantage of things to get what I want. I’m a bit of that, admittedly. But I’m a nice person and I want to help the disadvantaged. Whether it’s teaching English to deaf people in Mongolia to rescuing abandoned cats and dogs off the streets to loving families anywhere, I will. Actually, I don’t have much patience with teaching. Blame it on two years of stress from being a summer counselor. I usually don’t have much patience for people who are assholes to me, to put it lightly.

One perfect example of me being a shrewd opportunist is the choice of attending a deaf school. I was unhappy in mainstreamed school, having no socialization and friends, even though I did varsity swim and track. I ONLY went there for this opportunity of going overseas my senior year. I knew I WANTED this, to experience other cultures, to travel. By then, travel wasn’t that much of a passion. Well, after some hardships, I managed to go to Italy and Greece in April of 2008. Sure I absolutely hated the tours, disliked about 98% of my classmates and the teachers, and just was a bit of an emotional mess due to those idiots.

But know what? It woke something in me. A passion, never that I knew, named traveling. I knew while in Italia, eating my 3rd gelati in Roma, or in Greece, admiring the beautiful landscape of the Delphi site, this is all I want to do. I loved traveling, I loved putting my feelings in the journal. I loved taking countless pictures of the countries. Mainly the landscape and oddities than people itself. I only tolerated the people and the tours.

The best experience of that trip, aside the landscape and the culture is actually being hosted by a Greek girl and her family. I was more closer to her older sister than her. But I loved the experience. I loved meeting other deaf Greeks. Like that cute Greek guy with one blue, one brown eyes. Oh boy, I’m going off point… Anyways, back to the story, it was the one of the highlights of my trip. I helped the sister with her English, and I was interested in trying to learn Greek from the family. I loved trying to figure out what’s the captions are saying on their TV, which was entirely in Greek. Language love much?

As anybody could notice, I don’t censor myself. I don’t see any reasons why. I mean, it’s nice to have an audience, but I mainly write for myself. If someone can’t accept who I am, then they can get out. I don’t want to cover up or hide under a facade. It’s not fun, it makes me miserable, and just unpleasant. Case in point, my family won’t know the true me, because they would NEVER accept it. For now until I get out of here, I hide underneath a facade towards them. Among my friends and this blog, I don’t hide myself. I used to among some people, but since they’re not in my life, I don’t have any reasons to. My family had to learn to begrudgingly accept my 2g stretched ears and tattoos. Even though me and mom got our first tattoos together. My family was shocked about the compass tattoo, which I hid so well for a month and half. Nobody in my family knows I have a septum piercing aside my mom. Yet she forced me to keep it hidden, in fears that my stepdad may yank it out. I can’t even be who the hell I am around them if they force me to hide my septum piercing. Hypocrites… Again, I cannot stand hypocrites, even if I’m guilty of it sometimes. Well, that makes me sound like a hypocrite.

So, I’m shrewd as hell for taking advantage of opportunities that rises or that I create and I couldn’t care any less if people liked it or not. Their loss if they dislike that fact of me. I’m done with hiding the real me. Done with waiting for things that won’t come along themselves.

*The picture in this entry is of the Delphi site in Greece which the name escapes me.

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