How Alice in Wonderland applies to traveling.

A mouthful of a title, isn’t it? This post was inspired by a Sims 3 legacy, especially in one chapter that in a way resemble (a twisted version of) Alice in Wonderland. Yes, I do play Sims 3. Anyways, thanks to that story, I realized that Alice in Wonderland can be applied to traveling as well in many different ways. The Sims 3 legacy’s chapter I’m referring is found here.

How can Alice in Wonderland applies to traveling you may ask? Well, there’s many different aspects, and the story itself can be interpreted in many different ways. Here’s the reasons why I think it applies to traveling.

Alice: It could be me, or any traveler out there. She has this strong curiosity and restless about her that applies to me very well. She will get in anything that she’s remotely interested in, but can be a bit scatterbrained and everywhere at the same time. Again, it describes me in a way, because I tend to have many different interests and can never decide on one thing to do in life. Hence, living as society expected out of me doesn’t work. So, basically, you could be Alice in a way.

Rabbit Hole: The long journey to get to your destination. In this case when it’s applied to traveling, it means the journey is more important than the destination itself. You never know what will happen during the journey, and the best thing to do is cherish it. It sounds cliche, I know.

Wonderland: In Alice’s case, it’s a land full of wonder and terror. Wonderland is the place you end up in. It can be both wonderful and terrifying. A new sense of adventure and excitement fills you when you arrive there, but a terrifying thought if a mishap should occur to you. It’s outside your comfort zone and maybe you’ll seek what you need, or find out something that would’ve never been thought of.

Mad Hatter: A character that can be helpful most of the time and have well meaning intentions, but how it’s done, not always in the best interest. In travels, it could be a person at the hostel, a local, or even a place. Usually you’ll think that the person/place is not always the best at first glance due to the actions/appearance. It could appear as insane. But usually, the Mad Hatter becomes your best ally and you uncover more of this person/place and end up liking them more than you thought. Well, this is a difficult one to describe very well, but I know it can relate to travel.

Queen of Hearts: The Queen is a cruel woman who just wanted to bring problems to Alice and her friends. It could represent all the difficulties that you have faced to reach your dreams. Families, friends, work can allude to the Queen of Hearts. Yet, in the end, she gets defeated and the travelers win by following his/her dreams.

Cheshire Cat: The cat is a character that is morally ambiguous. One second, he can be helpful, the next, not so nice. The application of Cheshire Cat can be associated to people in authority to fellow travelers. It can apply to transportation modes, rules, and the general state of well being. Again, this character is hard to allude to travelers, but it’s possible.

So I basically covered most of the main characters of Alice in Wonderland and how it applies to traveling. Some are easy to describe, others not so much. If any of you guys got more ideas, send them my way. I’m interested in discussing this topic if it garners enough interest.


*The picture used here is from this artist. I usually don’t like using others’ pictures/work, but this picture fits the post perfectly. I prefer to use my own pictures for my posts, but this is an expectation.

I wanted to add in the most perfect music that fits this post, but I don’t want to be slammed with a lawsuit if I try. The music that fits this Alice in Wonderland themed post is “Follow Me Down” by 3oh!3 from the Almost Alice soundtrack album. Also I don’t want to overwhelm my readers by doing this, since the picture is enough.

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