Observations of Berlin

I decided that in each place I visit on my travels, I’ll do an observation post instead of what I did and etc while there. I find it interesting to see the culture and the people behaviors in each place.

I’ll begin with Berlin, which I am currently located. More will be added as I spend more time in the city.

-Nobody cares if anybody carries an open bottle of beer or alcohol and actually drink it in the streets here in Berlin.
-Pets are allowed on the u-bahn and the s-bahn.
-Can easily get on either u-bahn or s-bahn without a ticket. A warning, if you do attempt it, there’s a risk of a random check in a car to make sure that everybody has the ticket. If caught, there’s fines. I witnessed that happen on my way to Potsdam when one guy didn’t have a ticket and got escorted out with the officer to pay his fine. Everybody else’s didn’t have to be checked.
-Can bring bikes on the u-bahn and s-bahn
-No taxes on clothes. Perfect if you love to shop.
-Taking pictures are generally frowned on here in clubs and bars.
-Can do some illegal things and nobody would care. (BE CAREFUL!!!)
-In some grocery stores, you are expected to buy the bag and pack the food yourself. The cashier only bother with money, not bagging your food.

Pictures will come as well when I even remember to take pictures and upload them.

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