Wien Rally for Anti Nuclear

Today, or rather yesterday April 25, I arrived in Wien (Vienna) from Salzburg in Austria. I wanted to give Austria another chance, to see if I will grow to like the country, so I decided to check out Wien for a few days.

Anyways, in Germany and Austria, I noticed there were signs and posters talking about some rally concerning nuclear reactors or something. I thought nothing much of it, even if I have a patch relating to that from Berlin. Anyways, as I was exploring the platz at Stephandome, I saw a huge gathering and a giant screen set up behind a stage. Being the curious person that I am, I checked it out. It is about shutting down nuclear plants due to the meltdown at Chernobyl 25 years ago.

This was my first protest I ever have seen in person. Even more interesting is, there’s interpreters for the deaf working in shifts at the rally. Since I’m not that fluent in Deutsch, I watched the interpreters and tried to figure out what is being said by the speakers of the rally. I only can understand half of it due to the fact it’s in Austrian Deutsch sign language. In America, if there was a protest or rally happening, usually there wouldn’t be an interpreter present. The only times interpreters showed is if there’s a huge rally in a large city or any Presidential events. In Rochester, NY and Washington DC, two of the cities that the majority of deaf people lives, there will be an interpreter at almost every rally or protest.

This is definitely an interesting event that I witnessed in person. Even more awesome, I got some free stuff. What traveler doesn’t like free stuff?

A very interesting day in Wien, that’s for sure.

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