2017 Trips and Hopes

In late March, I’m heading to a new region and country for my birthday.  By then, I’ll be recovered from my recent surgery and ready to explore.  The country I chose via an impulse flight ticket I bought on sale happens to be the Philippines.  It seems as not many people go there and that interests me greatly because I love anything that’s off the beaten track.  Mom is very worried though due to their president killing off drug users but I’m not because I’m not involved in that thing and I have experience with less developed areas.  One prime example is Ecuador, especially Quito and I fell in love with that city and country.  Yes, it had the reputation of not being safe due to pickpocket and muggings and I did meet other travelers who had items stolen from them, but I had no problems myself.  Maybe it’s because of my short stature along with common sense and some luck.

Anyways, other than my Philippines trip, I plan to make my 3rd trip to Mexico starting in May and hopefully stay until Nov.  It’s partially to look for a job and because I can see myself living there because I have a network of friends there as well.  I miss Mexico.  Plus it’s a good idea to get away from the dictator here in America.


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