Que Pasa between 2011 and Now?

After I broke my arm while in Belgrade, Serbia in Aug 2011, I returned to the USA.  I had to recover from my broken arm.  Jan 2012, I went back to school, this time at a local community college to get my associates in liberal arts with a focus in humanities.  I returned to traveling in 2012 with a weeklong trip to Nicaragua which set off my love affair with Latin America.

Nicaragua was hot, cheap, and beautiful.  I picked up some Spanish, slid down a volcano on a board, got peed on by a tortoise, made a new friend, discovered pitaya (dragonfruit), and fell in love with the country itself.  It was full of poverty, but the people were friendly and helpful, especially since I had difficulty finding the correct bus to wherever I went.

May 2013, I finally got my associates but was clueless what to do, so I decided to book my next trip, this time to Mexico, starting fall 2013.

Mexico, what can I say?  I don’t do favorite countries on purpose but the trip to Mexico threw that notion out.  I celebrated Dias de Los Muertos in Oaxaca, reunited with a friend that I met in Serbia that lived in Mexico, and made so many new friends.  I traveled all around the central and southern half of the country and realized that beaches aren’t for me long term.  I preferred Mexico City, known as DF far more than anything in Mexico and it felt like home for me.  More so than Berlin and Belgrade.

After my second trip to Mexico in 2014, I started my last two years of college in NYC, attending Fashion Institute of Technology for my bachelors in Art History/Museum Professions and graduated in May 2016.  In between school, I went to Ecuador for spring break 2015 and fell in love with it.  The next year, it was Iceland’s turn and I finally saw the northern lights.  I do want to continue chasing the northern lights and the Milky Way for photography.  NYC was fun for two years but in the end, being deaf put me at a gigantic disadvantage when it comes to opportunities and job search, so I was forced to give up on living in NYC.  It may be a blessing because it could provide me opportunities to move out of the USA to live in Mexico City.

Also in the summer of 2015, I visited Toronto and declared it a perfect city to live if it’s not for their freezing cold and icy winter.  I visited a friend who I haven’t seen since we hung in Croatia in 2011.  Travel friendships can last years if you make the effort and even with changes, it’s still a valuable thing.

Now?  I’m temporarily working at an amazing local museum that focus on glass called the Corning Museum of Glass and looking forward to my Philippines trip in late March for my birthday.


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