Ecuador (Quito)

In 2015, while attending Fashion Institute of Technology in NYC for art history/museum professions, I was stuck on where to go for spring break.  A Superbowl ad aired about Ecuador and I impulsively decided that’s my spring break destination.  It was the best decision I made and even though Quito had a reputation of being unsafe, I fell in love with the city.  I also visited Banos, the adventure capital and jumped off a bridge.  I want to return and explore Ecuador even more.  Along with my trip, I had an assignment for my Pre-Columbian Art History class and I used Ecuador to complete my homework, hence the fact I have 200+ pictures of Pre-Columbian art from Casa del Alabado in Quito.  I was geeking out over all the artifacts present at the museum and showed everything to my teacher when I returned to school.


One story from Ecuador features the Basilica de Voto, an unfinished church where legends say when it’s finished, the end of the world happens.  Anyways, there’s towers where you can climb to, which I did.  It was cloudy after a rare sunny day at the Equator, so I took the opportunity to climb to the tower.  It featured paying a tiny fee to access the beautiful rose stained glass window, then crossing the roof on a narrow plank.  It was cool, then to go outside.  The stairs  were incredibly steep and some had no netting underneath it, so it’s not ideal for those who are afraid of heights.  Of course I don’t have that fear (except for falling), I climbed all the way up to the tower to take pictures.  Well in the tower, a storm broke up with thunder and lightning with a sudden downpour, so I would be soaked to the bone heading down.  I slowly made my descent in the pouring rain to return to my hostel.  I did get splashed by a passing car near my hostel and it was not fun at all.



I did not find the actual equator because I got lost looking for it from the fake equator but it was a rare sunny day, so I didn’t complain.


Another day, I decided to take the teleforico to the overlook above Quito.  Since I ws born in Seattle, WA and I had experience in high altitude, Quito didn’t cause me to be out of breath or had any issues.  It was a different story at the overlook when I walked around and my heart was beating so rapidly.  I couldn’t see the volcano from there due to the typical drizzling fogging clouds that exists in Quito, but I enjoyed my time.



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