Nicaragua, 2012


I didn’t bring my camera when I went volcano boarding because I was afraid that the rock and dust would break my simple point and shoot camera because my previous cameras have been broken by sand getting in it and other mishaps.  It was a stupid decision in retrospect, but it was an amazing day.  Even though I cannot eat solid food, I had the most juiciest mango fresh from the tree that made me a convert to everything mango all the time and was so much better than anything found in the USA.  I was lucky that the guide is awesome, and was patient with my horrible volcano hiking skill and my need to pick up weird lava and sulfur rocks.  The funniest thing happened on top of the volcano where a guy’s board and his jumpsuit got swarmed by bees all a sudden.  It was unexpected and random and funny.

Nicaragua is a land of adventures and memories.  I recoiled at the stinky beach in Granada next to the lake, explored the colonial center, and just relaxed too much in the hostel’s pool.  I discovered my new favorite ice cream flavor in Nicaragua which is pitaya, known as dragon fruit.  I fell in love with the delicate sweetness that I had  to seek them out everywhere I went in Nicaragua.  I practiced my Spanish even though I messed it up when I spoke due to my deaf voice.  Unfortunately, I found Granada to be too boring for my tastes.

After Granada, I went to San Juan del Sur based on the recommendation a local on the plane to Nicaragua told me about after I calmed her down with her nervousness of flying.   She told me of swimmable areas since I asked about it.  Luckily it was easy for me to catch the bus to Rivas to change buses thanks to the nice guy after I asked him if it goes to Rivas in my written Spanish.   Sn Juan del Sur was nice and I picked up a handmade painted turtle from a vendor.  However, the best was to come in the form of Leon.

Leon ended up being my favorite of all time in Nicaragua.  Maybe it’s because I befriended a local who worked at the hostel and we hung out in the city after she finished working.  It was an amazing city and awesome to learn about Nicaraguan culture from a local.  I’m a huge nerd when it comes to history and culture of a place so I fell in love with Leon.  Yes, I took the day to go volcano boarding as well because I can’t resist doing adventurous stuff.  Maybe it’s my innate need to prove to people that despite my looks, I can do things and that I’m fine otherwise.  The other thing that happened in Leon was being peed on by the hostel’s tortoise which ruined the shorts I was wearing.  It was pretty funny though since I was holding it and chatting with another traveler.  I enjoyed holding the tortoise and telling the hostel’s owner that the tortoise is amazing and keeping it away from the pool since tortoises cannot swim.



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